Sprint-Layout 6.0

Designs, modifies and previews PCB models
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Design and edit printed circuit board layouts in the utility featuring multiple tools and a library of templates for objects like solder pads, SMD pads, tracks, zones, text-labels, etc. Multiple hotkeys are available for easy access. Generated board designs are saved as BMP, JPG, GIF, EMF.

Sprint-Layout is a software program developed to help customers design and edit printed circuit board layouts while providing the means to create single-sided, double-sided, or multilayer PCB-Printed Circuit Board.

The GUI can be described as average, is not the most modern one, but has a well-organized main screen, with a tool panel on the left, a main menu, and a common action bar, all displayed around main interest area, where creative work happens.
Also, inside the main menu, users can find some pretty well-optimized and advanced customization options.

Sprint-Layout comes packed with a wide range of features and tools for creating board designs, such as text-labels, solder pads, tracks, or zones.

One of the most important function is the Automatic Ground Plane. By filling unused areas of a layout with copper automatically, this function helps users create a screen for HF-board.

Moreover, the program features a complex library with predefined components for SMD layouts. The users are able to drag and drop a component, rotate it, label it, or move it.

Additionally, with Footprint-Wizard, users can create unique footprints components, either by specifying the footprint-type, or the parameters.

To sum it up, Sprint-Layout is a well-rounded PCB design program that offers a wide variety of features, though you may have to pay an important sum to use its full features, and, not to forget, it requires a high-end PC.

John Saunders
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  • Has plenty of customization options
  • Provides a Footprint-Wizard
  • Creates a screen for HF-board


  • Requires a high-end PC
  • Seems a bit overpriced
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